wiki:Windows7 integration
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After looking at many VM's to do the windows7 it has be established that USB support is not 'yet' user-friendly enough for us to use in a university lab/computing setting.

Our plan now is to implement windows7 like winxp except with a modified approach. Instead of editing the registry with linux we will write to a file on the hard drive. Also this time around we will be only support NTFS file systems. To allow NTFS writing we will use NTFS-3g. During the windows 7 boot process a python script will run that will read this file from hard drive and edit the registry with the same information that winxp used. This script has to run very early before the winlogon service starts.

There is also a brand new makeImage and syncImage program. This can handle most file systems, windows or linux. The only down side is that all old images will need to be remade as the new syncImage program is not compatible with the old images.

Yet another improvement is how LabNet will handle boot sectors. Currently we use dd to capture the first part of the hard disk but this leads to tons of bootsects lying around and no one knowing what there partition table looks like. A new approach will be to use the new software that is currently being used for the build server program. We will track partition sizes in webtools and create them on the fly during the boot process.

As part of the Windows 7 roll out we will be implementing a new version of WIMP

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